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Hi, I’m Adriana!

I’m just a mom of three boys who is slowly losing her mind. I started RFT as a way to share all the things that interested me in my early twenties, but I quickly started birthing a litter and things got complicated. Now I’m a mom in my thirties and I’m sharing all the things that interest me about motherhood (with a big emphasis on that things that don’t!)

I’m here to bring laughter and a sense of normalcy to the craziness of being a mom. None of it is easy, except the crying part. The kids and I seem to have that part down to a science! I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to think that this is the best experience of your life, but it can also be the biggest pain in your ass.

My page is dedicated to all the moms out there who have no idea what the hell they’re doing but are trying their best just the same. It’s for the current mom, old mom, past mom and wannabe mom who get that children are a blessing but they’re also kinda the worst.

My name is Adriana and I am Red For Thought. Thank you for following along as I share my journey through motherhood, one hilarious mistake at a time.


I am a 32 years young and my favorite color is pink. I dreamt my whole life about getting married and having kids, except in my dreams I was the mom to a group of girls. Fast forward to 2017, I began my journey as a boy mom. That’s right—this pink loving, flower adoring, cake addict is the mother to three sons. I’ve been happily married for 7ish years and after a reallllllllyyyyy long renovation process, my husband and I, and our three kids moved out of my parents house (at the ripe age of 31) and moved into our home. Our very, very blue home. I have red hair which is where the name Red For Thought came from. My family is my life and even though it sounds like I can’t stand them, I really really do. I’m as authentic as they come—you’ll either love me or hate me. Whatever you feel, please continue to follow me.


Santiago is officially Bald For Thought and we’re obsessed with each other. We are in it to win it. He said he hated social media, but he spent so much time using my phone to see what people were up to that I made him get his own. He’s reserved when necessary and secretly hilarious. He cares not what people think of him and he marches to the beat of his own drum. He is obsessed with his kids and having full-time help. I claim to be the love of his life and he claims I’m only a little bit annoying. He is my biggest supporter and hates that we now share a bank account. This is Santiago.

Santiago Jr. (Santi)

My first-born son, the ultimate proof of love at first sight and the reason I am a mom. He is the absolute sweetest boy that has ever existed. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He is the king of sweets and Chicken Kitchen. He loves to be outdoors as much as I love to be indoors (see how that doesn’t work in my favor?) and has an insane amount of energy that even the Energizer Bunny would be confused by. He is obsessed with Hulk and Ecuador and still thinks yelling at the top of his lungs is super cool. He is both hilarious and a monster and I wouldn’t change a thing about him. This is Santi


My baby. I swore this one would be a girl. I was sure of it. But here he is, penis and all. He is the most gentle child I have ever had the pleasure to parent. He is slow to warm and makes up his mind in 2 seconds. He was thrust into being a big brother probably a little too soon but takes his job very seriously. I look deep into his beautiful baby blue eyes and I can’t believe he is mine. I’ve transformed myself from his least favorite person into the love of his life in the blink of an eye. He wakes up every day to tell me I’m pretty and that he loves me. No middle child syndrome for this kid—he’s got me wrapped around his finger. This is Joaquin.


Our little surprise and my third son. He’s the real star of this family because he came unannounced and ready to wreck havoc. I was not ready for his arrival but he came guns a blazing in the middle of a pandemic and made my life whole. He is absolutely beautiful, but also equally annoying. He cries—a lot. I adore him but know that his arrival was traumatizing for me and I’ll never let him forget it. He has a super strong personality and we refer to him as the politician. Perfectly behaved, happy baby in public—crying, slapping baby in private. He has his father and I completely in love and we find each other looking at him and laughing a lot. This is Antonio.


Oh my mother… she’s half my mom, half my little sister. She tells on me to my dad and Bald For Thought but will drop anything to hang out with me or my boys. She says she loves them equally but is oddly obsessed with Santi. She steals my purses, jewelry and ideas, and does it with a mischievous smirk. She has weird rules in the house but she still let me live with her, so I’ll take it. This is Mama.


My father hates social media and doesn’t understand people’s obsession with taking photos. He hides M&M’s in his office and “secretly” gives them to Santi and Joaquin, even when I ask him not to. He hates small chairs in restaurants and will never sit outside. He loves the Bahamas but hates the beach. He’s a complex fellow, guys. He cannot be described, he needs to be experienced. This is Papa.

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