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Oddly enough, you guys care about the products I use. Why? I don’t know, but I do know that I’m kind—kind enough to compile a list of what I use and why I love it. There are also links to everything below, so if you love the description of something, click on it and you’re a few steps away from having it be yours! Let’s work our way top to bottom, shall we?


I alternate between three different shampoo and conditioners. Remember, I’m pregnant and postpartumy a lot so I have one to keep my hair from falling out (and it also helps it grow), I have one for volumizing my hair (because the longer it gets, the more weighed down it is) and one that smells soooooo good, I have to use it.

Hairtamin, Living Proof and Moroccan Oil (Shampoo and Conditioner): 

I absolutely love, love, love Hairtamin’s product. I love the smell (it smells like Eucalyptus), it really does make my hair super strong and it grows back extra fast. Plus, it’s part of Leyla Milani’s hair care line and I’m here for her. I love her extra-ness, her instagram, the whole package. I also love you can get it on her website, on amazon or at the link below. It is botanical, it has biotin and most importantly, it’s paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty free (yay!!!)

The living proof shampoo and conditioner give my hair amazing volume. My hair grows fast, and the longer it gets the more it’s weighed down. This combo is perfect because it keeps my hair moisturized and voluminous. This shampoo and conditioner is my go to if I’m going to give myself an at home blow-dry.

MOROCCAN OIL SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER SMELLS SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN. That’s the first reason I bought it–to feel bougie and extra. The second reason is because they also have a volumizing one and it works great. The end.

Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

OMG–This brush is my favorite. It was a gift from my aunt for my birthday and I’m obsessed. It leaves my hair blow-dried perfectly in less than 10 minutes (9 minutes to be exact). If you want to get volume, you need to blow up and possibly leave a few sections pinned up for a while. I absolutely love it and it’s so easy to use.

FoxyBae Wanderlux Curling Wand

I love a curling wand and I detest curling irons. I don’t like the clip. This one is the perfect width for me, but they do make them in different sizes. Depending on your hair length, the width for the perfect curl will change.

Ouai Hairspray, Moroccan Oil Hairspray and Living Proof Dry Shampoo:

Ouai hairspray is light, smells good and gets the job done. I don’t feel as though I can’t put my fingers through my hair when this is applied. I love it because when I do loose beach waves it feels and looks more natural. The Moroccan Oil one is more heavy duty (I get the Medium hold) and is more for like a long haul hairdo. If I need my hair to stay in place, this is my go to. I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoo. I much rather just wash my hair and style it but sometimes I put the Living Proof one in my roots to volumize my hair and it works! It doesn’t leave my scalp white and works instantly.


I don’t have great skin. Like it’s not awful but it’s not fantastic like my moms. Could I take better care of it? Of course. But I’m doing the best I can. I never go to sleep without washing my face, I use sunscreen every day and I have 1,000 products I could easily rave about. It’s about consistency though, guys and that’s what I lack. In any case, I really do love these products and I’ll let you know what things I use religiously and what things I have that I use when I remember.

Shiseido Face Wash and Bioderma Sensibio Makeup Remover:

I swear by Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam Wash. I love it because it says it’s for all skin types but it really feels like it is. My skin changes throughout my pregnancies and this was always delicious on my skin. I use it every single day in the shower and it takes off all my makeup and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. The Bioderma Makeup Remover is liquid gold. When I get out of the shower I just put a little of this over my eyes and voila–makeup gone! I love this product because it has no oil and I don’t have to put a lot of it on to get the work done. This is something I use daily as well and I love it.

Sunscreens Galore:

I love having multiple sunscreens I use. Some work really well under makeup, some are best left alone. But I have a bunch and while I don’t use the same one every day, I do use some sort of protection daily–sun is the enemy guys! I can’t recommend this more.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen and Everyday Sunscreen:

The Unseen one is best for use underneath makeup. It leaves my face dewy and I usually pair this with a more dewy look. It’s thin and feels like it evaporates into my skin. The everyday one I can also use underneath makeup but I have to wait a little bit between application. I like this one because I can put it all over my body (although I prefer to use a spray) this is easy to apply to arms and shoulders as well.

Biore UV Sunscreen: 

I found this online one day and it is amazinggggggg!!! It’s thin, watery and super easy to apply. I can use this under makeup or alone and it leaves my face feeling super moisturized and protected. I read an article about how Japanese people take such good care of their skin and this was one of their “go to” products. And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me, because let’s be real–their skin is insane!

Soleil Toujours Sunscreen:

 I liked this sunscreen but I definitely don’t recommend it with makeup. It didn’t work for me but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I found it to be too white and too thick. I hate having to wait 15 minutes between applications because let’s talk about facts–I have 0 minutes to myself each morning. I simply don’t have the time.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-in Milk Body Face Sunscreen:

What it does is exactly what it’s called. The only drawback I have with this particular sunscreen is that it stings me a little underneath my eyes. I tried it on Santiago and it didn’t do that to him… Go figure!

Pre-Makeup and Makeup:

As you may know–I do my makeup every single day in order to feel human. Some people go for a run, some people drink wine at 3:00 PM, I do my makeup. The days I don’t get ready are the days I’m extra tired and feel extra lucky. I’m not super glam or super extra so my makeup is basic, but it gets the job done. So, here are my favorite, favorite products that I use daily.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme and Glossier Futuredew: 

Embryolisse is a cream I put on my face (like a primer) before applying makeup. It ensures that the makeup stays on my face without creases and is soooooo yummy. I love it. It’s so cold and refreshing. I use this almost every day. The Glossier future dew is a primer I use on my face when I want a dewier look. If I want to look a little fresh and moist this is my go-to. It works wonders and goes on smooth on my face.

Now, I alternate between 3 foundations, depending on my day, my mood and the occasion.

Makeup Forever Reboot, Dr. Jart and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk:

Makeup Forever is my day-to-day foundation. It’s super super light and I apply it with a beauty blender. It isn’t full coverage so I like it because you can still see my skin underneath but it’s like a filter. Depending on how “done up” you want to be, you can add concealers, powders, etc.. Dr. Jart is a new one that was recently recommended to me and I kinda like it. It’s thin like the Makeup Forever Reboot but it doesn’t come in many shades. It’s a bit dark for me but I like it. It has SPF too which is a nice plus if you aren’t applying sunscreen daily. Giorgio Armani is the real deal. This is the “I’m going out, I want to look fab” foundation. Not super, super thick, but definitely full coverage. Perfect for photos and for a nigh out on the town (if you’re even going out these days).

I also alternate between three concealers. Sometimes I completely ignore foundation and go straight for concealer with a bronzer–dealers choice.

Nars, Tarte and Hourglass Concealers:

Nars radiant creamy concealer is one I use on top of foundation (it’s light) and blends really well and easily into my skin. Tarte Double Duty and Hourglass Vanish are thicker and ones I use either on their own or if I want to look super covered up. I just apply under eyes, chin, forehead and a little around my nose and blend well with beauty blender.

The rest of my makeup routine:

I use Hoola Bronzer (sometimes I’ll use Anastasia Beverly Hills) but I love this one because it’s compact and it comes with a little brush and I can just throw it in my purse. I use Tare blush (two different shades) and I use their highlighter too. It is so beautiful it hurts. I blend this all in with my beauty blender (which is my favorite way to apply makeup) and then I finish by applying mascara and eyebrow gel by Glossier. This is the only brand I like and use. They have tinted and clear. Oh!! And a lip gloss. How could I forget!!

Nighttime Routine:

I have products that I love but I’m not religious about.

Scrubs and Peels:

Obagi Professional C Microdermabrasion Polish mask (burns but feels so so good)

Beauty Bio: The Peel. This is amazing I absolutely love it. It’s an at home facial in a bottle. Totally recommend.

Creams and Serums:

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum (I use this daily. I don’t love the smell but everyone swears by it)

Vichy Liftactiv Peptide-C (This night cream is delicious, silky and cold)

La Mer Creme de La Mer (This one is thicker and I still can’t justify the price)

Vichy Liftactiv Retinol Eye Cream (I like it because it’s thin and smells good)

Athia Skin Care is a new line I’ve partnered up with and so far, I love it! I’m using the Retinol Night Cream and it’s delicious. It’s creamy but not heavy. It’s soothing. You can start this journey with me and use code AthiauuEB for 15% off your purchase 🙂

Other Goodies I Love:


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