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Baby List: Clothes Essentials

Babies need gear (obviously). They need so much stuff and they’re so tiny that it’s almost laughable. They require more things than you and me and then some. This does not only apply to their gear but also to their wardrobe. I like to have three categories of clothes for my children. It helps keep their closet and dresser organized, it helps me keep track of what they have, and it gives them an opportunity to wear everything I’ve purchased or have been gifted. My three categories are: yummy pajamas, hang at home clothes, and going out clothes. Again, this is just a recommendation. You can be as basic or as over the top as you’d like. I like to think I’m right in the middle. I also think I’m perfect, so don’t take my word at 100%.

Pajamas Galore:

I love a good PJ. I love it for me and I adore it for my kid. I have my “small business” staples that I always go to, some websites where the deal is too good to pass up, and then the big chain stores which always have what I need. Here are my faves and how I rank them. I love Petit Amie in South Miami, Boy Meets Girl in Coral Gables, Baby Cottons, Nordstrom and Carters.

For me there is nothing yummier than Kissy Kissy pajamas. Now, I know they’re pricey and newborns grow quickly, but they’re so soft and that’s exactly what you want for your delicious bundle of joy and their tender skin. I really use them until their a bit older, but for me until the age of 3 months it’s almost a necessity. They have the cutest designs and most come with matching hat, bib and blanket, so if you want to go all out–here’s your chance.

Another favorite is Baby Cottons. They are also 100% prima cotton and oh so soft. They have multiple sizes that allow you to buy matching sets for your kids (in my case I love that I can buy for Santi, Joaquín and Baby #3).

Magnetic Me has PJ’s that are great because there are no buttons or zippers. It’s all done with a magnet, and at 3:00 AM, it’s much easier to get on your baby. The material is great but if you have babies whose body temperature runs a bit warmer (hi Joaquín!) then this wouldn’t be the best option.

Other brands I love are Petit Bateau, Petit Atelier, Caprilina and Carters (their fit was true to size for Santi and it kept him super warm at night).

Hang Out At Home Outfits:

For me, an essential part of my day with my baby was to transition from the early morning to the routine and hustle and bustle of the day. The first thing I did after their first feeding was change them into a “chill at home” outfit that would be perfect for a) chilling and b) tummy time. These outfits can be cute, comfy or both. Some brands are cuter than they are practical, some are more comfy than they are cute and some are a little bit of both.

No one does it like Gap does it. Yeah, I said it. Gap knows what’s up (even though they haven’t contacted me about Joaquín being their spokes person). Their bodysuits fit like a glove and I love that they come in long sleeve/short sleeve and cute matching “leggings.” You can buy individual onesies and leggings, or in packs of 3, which is nice.

Carters has this too, but they’re kind of cheesy with sayings on them. You can’ t beat the price though, and since they’re growing out of them in record time, it’s a nice place to do a small investment.

A new obsession for me is a brand I only heard of recently called Pehr. I started buying storage things from them for the kids toys and have recently moved on to swaddles, bibs and onesies. They are so cute and so soft. I love it!

Now, if you want to get fancy at home, Baby Cottons and Kissy Kissy also do two piece sets that are to die for BUT, the top is not a onesie so it rides up and sometimes (if you’re lucky) their tummy is exposed (time for kisses) but seriously, they can get cold. As they get a bit older, however, they don’t need to be as covered, and we can all delight in a little fat leg exposure. brands like Kissy Kissy and Baby Cottons (amongst others) also have “short playsuits” that are cute for hanging out at the house and/or going out. Double. Whammy.

Out and About Outfits:

I’m someone who can’t stay put and likes to always have an activity (quarantine has been great–thanks for asking!) Naturally, my child needs to look amazing when I leave the house to I have designated a section of their wardrobe to “going out clothes.” Now, this can be a yummy cotton outfit or something a little fancier–your choice.

Anytime I leave the house (unless I’m going to a mommy and me class), this is the outfit of choice I put on my child. Also, in their diaper bag I have an extra change of clothes and a set of PJ’s just in case.

There are sooooo many brands and this really is a personal decision but these are some of my absolute favorites:

Petit Bateau




El Ricon de Maria

Pili Carrera 

Petit Atelier 

There are also brands that make clothes for children but aren’t dedicated to children (like Paul Smith) and there are websites where you can find all of these clothes in the same place (Boy Meets Girl truly has everything). A lot of these brands (like Petit Bateau for example) also make more casual stay at home clothes and/or PJ’s.

Yummy Blankets and Swaddles:

Omg, there are so many options. There are so many different types that I love, it’s hard to narrow it down.


Restoration Hardware–YES! Believe it or not, their sheets and swaddles are to die for. They’re soft and long lasting. I love them.

Little Giraffe–these are perfect for hot summer days

Aden + Anais–these come in packs of 4 and are very large and grow with your child. They come in a variety of designs which is cute too.

Lou Lou and Company--these are soft, huge and come with matching hats and gloves. If you’re having a girl, their bows are so cute and out of this world. Love them because they’re big they can grow with your child.


Some of my favorites are from the same brands of clothes listed above. Many companies take full advantage of their designs and create matching blankets to PJs and while it’s not 100% practical, I LOVE IT.

Caprilina is a beautiful online store I found (she actually has a location in Coral Gables but you know, Covid…) Anyway, she can customize anything (from outfits to swaddles–you name it). Perfect for gift giving but also,  her swaddles are TO DIE.

Baby Cottons, Lou Lou and Company, Restoration Hardware, Kissy Kissy, Pehr Designs (but more for quilts), etc…


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