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Benefits To Birthing A Litter

Three children ages three and under is a lot. I’m the first to admit that, well, I had number three too soon. Actually, I’m the second to admit it, because Santiago is always the first.

S: Hey, remember that time you spent $300 on that stupid piece of crap bracelet that didn’t work?

A: Yes…

S: I can’t believe I fell for that crap, Adriana.

A: I know, Santiago. You mention it once a day.

S: And to think… (this continues for several minutes)…long story short, this is all your fault.

A: Ok, Santiago. Whatever

S: Whatever because it’s your fault! If it was mine…(this also continuers for several minutes)

Therapist: Ok, so any other issues we wanna tackle today?

A: My husband won’t let me cut my hair until I’m “skinny again”…

But, as crazy as my life currently is, and trust me, it’s an absolute shit show, there are benefits to having three small children. I basically have a litter, because I had them all pretty much at the same time (like dogs guys), which is scary but also cute because, well, dogs are cute and that’s the silver lining.

  1. They’re so close in age they almost always like the same activities.
    • To be fair, this could be the age thing or the gender thing. Santi wants to jump in a bounce house? So does Joaquin! Santi wants to bake cupcakes (and later on inhale them)? So does Joaquin! Swimming? Yes! Running around outside? Yes! I don’t have to come up with an activity for a 6 year old and 2 year old–they’re basically twins (which I’m super into). And really, if you think about it, Joaquin and Antonio are twins so as soon as he’s mobile, I can throw him in the mix as well.
  2.  The first five years are hell but I’ll be done before you.
    • So, I’ve spoken about Lina Acosta from Stop Parenting Alone before and well, she knows what she’s talking about because she’s a literal Parenting Expert guys. She says the first five years are the absolute worst. So, for a normal person who has a kid, waits 2-3 years, has another and then does it one more time… they’ve hit that 5 year mark in various stages… But not us. Nope, we’ll be done with that horrible “omg they’re the worst” in exactly 5 more years. In 5 years I’ll be onto a new stage of parenting (which I’m sure is just as challenging, rewarding, and cringeworthy as the one I’m currently in).
  3. They’ll all be in college at the same time.
    • Stay with me on this one. Yes, it sounds horrific butttttt when you’re done sending your first kid to school and are now about to start paying #2’s tuition, I’LL BE DONE.
  4. They’re going to be phasing out of things pretty much at the same time.
    • Strollers will become non existent soon after Santi is done using them (because since they’re each approximately 5 days apart, it’ll happen fairly quickly). Same goes for potty training (1 down, 2 to go), tantrums (wishful thinking?), sleepless nights (are you laughing at me?), etc…
  5.  They’ll have constant company.
    • This is probably the biggest benefit and I’m such a good mom that I recognize this although it doesn’t benefit me as much as it benefits them. There is nothing like having a sibling and I can see it even now that they’re so little. They’ll always have each other to lean on and having two siblings is better than one because someone is always being annoying (trust me, I have two brothers). It’s nice to have a soundboard to talk to about how annoying your parents are being, or even your older brother, etc.. It’s truly perfect.

So yeah, I’m not trying to convince you to necessarily do what I did because, while it’s great, it’s also not great. Like, I haven’t slept in 3 1/2 years, someone is always crying or complaining (me included) and I just can’t seem to not be pregnant and be myself again. But, like I said before, there’s always a silver lining to any life decision and my silver lining are my boys–you gotta love them!

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