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Covid-19: Pregnancy and Social Distancing

It’s not a shock that Covid-19 aka Corona is a piece of crap. I’m just here to remind you that it’s an extra piece of crap for those of us who are pregnant, especially those of us who are mere weeks from giving birth. Yeah, that’s me—throwing myself a pitty party CAUSE I CAN. I really thought I’d enjoy having to relax. Staying at home, eating, lounging and not having to make excuses for why I can’t go out. But the funny thing is, and it’s actually not funny at all–is that once you’re forced into a situation, it immediately sucks.

Knowing I’m going to wake up every day and have the same routine over and over again without leaving my house has me stir crazy. Remember, some people are doing this solo or with a significant other. I’m doing this with my parents, spouse, two children and I’m 4 weeks from popping out lucky number 3. Sounds like paradise, right? Wrong.

I decided two days before Santi’s school closed that I wouldn’t be taking him back, thinking that I was overreacting but that he’d just go back after spring break. When I got the email the following Monday that they were going to be closing, I started to panic. Like wow, now I really, really, really have to hang out with both of my kids for extended periods of time. And I can’t just let them sit in the house all day watching TV. Nooooo, they have energy. They like the great outdoors. They like to make messes in the kitchen and watch other people clean them up. So I did the most logical thing–I jam packed my amazon prime cart with workbooks and activities for Santi and Joaquin to do throughout the day.

Routines are good for kids, they’re key. So I decided that after breakfast every day I was going to take Santi to the backyard and have him do “homework” for 10 minutes. Easy stuff that he basically already knows like colors, numbers, letters, etc… But guess what? He’s lazy and I have 0% patience, so what started off as a way for us to bond and pass the time turned into a waste of money because no one wants to hang. We literally did his activities for 3 days and then we both gave up.

A: Santi, quieres hacer tarea? (Santi, want to do homework?)

S: No. No me gusta. (No. No, I don’t like it)

A: Ok, pero tenemos que hacerlo un rato. (Ok, but we have to do it for a little)

S: A mi me gusta el Hulk, Mami. (I like the Hulk Mami)

A: (I rolled my eyes, packed up his stuff and went inside)

Joaquin enjoyed arts and crafts on day 1. This, you may remember, was the day he painted his entire face blue. It was so cute and so funny until I found myself on all fours scrubbing the floor so it wouldn’t stain. It was then, I decided, that I wasn’t going to participate in hard labor and we would just play in the pool or the beautiful backyard.

Santiago’s first day home was Saturday. He worked the entire first week of my confinement and by 10:21 AM, he had already complained 15 times. What did he complain about? Being bored, feeling stuck in prison, the kids, the food choices I was making for the kids, the lack of personal space, the kids again, having nowhere to go, the noise, the kids.  You know, the usual. We are now on day 3 and he’s locked himself in my dad’s home office to “work.”

I really did have all these plans. For FaceTime calls with friends, books to read, shows to watch, recipes to make. But guess what? I have no energy! Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m approximately 1,500 weeks pregnant, maybe it’s because I’m so incredibly lazy. What I do know is I’ve gone over and beyond helping small business’ stay afloat (much to Santiago’s chagrin) and complained endlessly. Although this is a worldwide pandemic and I am doing everything in my power to abide by the rules and stop the spreading, I’m also 100% making this about me. For example, did you know that until last week, people were allowed up to three people in the delivery room with them? I usually have my mom and Santiago. But guess what, for now it’s just one with no visitors. So basically, the person who comes with me is the only person who is going to meet my child until I come home. And an even more fun fact is that if things get worse, I’m potentially looking at giving birth alone. Doesn’t that sound serene? No? Yeah for me either. I haven’t even been to the bathroom alone in 500 years and now I’m supposed to give birth alone? No thanks.

Anyway, for all the children (and I say children because only a child can’t follow directions) who are out and about, think this is a flu and don’t understand the meaning of stay at home, thanks. The longer you don’t abide by the rules, the longer I’m stuck at home with my offspring. To all the people who have reached out to me to ask how I’m feeling, how I’m holding up or just to say hey–THANK YOU. I’ve been extra down and nervous and believe it or not, it makes all the difference. I know I’m not in this alone and I know it could be 1000 times worse off, but my reality scares me and it’s nice to know there are people there who care about me.

The other day in the middle of a panic attack, a friend texted to check in on me. I, of course, told her I was overwhelmed and she reminded me that the best things make the biggest entrances. So while I was hating big time on 2020, I know that my biggest blessing is just 4 weeks away.

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