Gift Guide: For Girls

I don’t have a daughter. This list is a pink dream. Some of you with girls may thing “wow this list sucks,” but at least I took the time to search for it. I hope it works and I hope you like it! xx

  1. Garden Toy
    • Why I love it? I thought this was SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
  2. Legos
    • Why I love it? Girls like legos too! This one is Frozen theme and I’m in love with Olaf 🙂
  3. Trucks with Music
    • Why I love it? As they play, they can learn about becoming a little driver, learn about various daily transport car while playing.
  4. Denim Tie-Dye Dress
    • Why I love it? It reminds me of when I was a girl and it’s tie-dye. Every girl needs something tie-dye.
  5. Jewelry
    • Why I love it? This rainbow necklace and bracelet set is so cute! It’s customizable too.
  6. Beautiful Dress
    • Why I love it? Floral, from Spain, gorgeous, a dress, etc..
  7. Cute Onesie
    • Why I love it? Because it’s gorgeous.
  8. My Generation Doll
    • Why I love it? It’s like Barbie but nicer. Think of it as a cheaper American Girl Doll and these dolls have every occupation under the sun. Sends a fantastic message about body image (anti-Barbie) and showing them that we can have it all!
  9. Comfy Dress
    • Why I love it? Because it looks yummy, I love Zara for kids clothes, I love the collar and the price point is excellent.
  10. Archery Toy
    • Why I love it? Because its cool!
  11. Jeans
    • Why I love it? I love any type of denim and this one has butterflies on them.
  12. Printed T-Shirt
    • Why I love it? Because it’s not a plain shirt but it’s delicate but it’s funky but I love it!!
  13. Cash Register
    • Why I love it? It’s such a fun toy and they can unknowingly be working with numbers and math, sorting, you name it!

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