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Happy Birthday, Red For Thought!

Today my website turns one! I can’t believe it. This website, which started off as a dream of mine a few years prior, had a completely different vibe. I had articles written about my favorite places to shop, eat and travel. It focused more on style (ha-ha) and then, in the blink of an eye I became a mom.

Becoming a mom to Santi completely changed my life. Not just the trajectory for what I’d do but who I’d become. Yes I’m still Adriana, but I’m an upgraded version. I still have my sarcasm down to a T, I still love making jokes and eating cake, but my #1 priority are my children. Do I self-loath on the reg? Absolutely. But, I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. They– Santi, Joaquin and Antonio, are the absolute loves of my life and their existence makes Red For Thought a possibility.

You see, you come here to read funny stories about my life but none of it would be possible if they weren’t here or if they weren’t mine. It needed to happen just as it did–three kids in three and a half years. If it wouldn’t have been just so, my life maybe wouldn’t be as comical or as relatable to some. My life, happiness and misery (I’m not actually miserable guys, take it easy) is what keeps bringing you back for more. For those of you who are new, I’m not a cookie-cutter mom. I’m not going to sugar coat motherhood because you don’t need that. You’ve already heard from everyone that motherhood is life changing (which it is) and it’s the best (which it is). I’m here to tell you that while that’s true (which it is), it’s also the worst. It’s heaven and hell, happiness and sadness, overjoy and overwhelment…all rolled into one human being who depends on you for everything. And for some reason, I made three of them. Please don’t mistake my commentary for anything other than just that–commentary.

So, I thought I’d take this time to re-introduce myself and my family. 

I am Adriana and I am Red For Thought. While I thought about making my website a pink dream, I decided to go with my current color scheme because I’m always in jeans and a white top. It’s my uniform and it’s who I am. I’ve been married to Santiago since February 2014 and we have three beautiful, red headed baby boys. No, they’re not triplets, but casi casi. I worked in education for nine years and decided Antonio was my reason to retire. I’m a stay at home mom during a pandemic and while life is a complete and utter circus, I really do feel extremely blessed. I love, love love cake more than anything and will find absolutely any excuse to eat it. It took Santiago and I approximately two years to renovate our house and even though we won’t fit here forever, we decided we are never moving again. My life is not perfect by any means but it’s perfect for me. I love seeing peoples faces when Santiago walks by with one of the kids, followed by me with two more red heads. Their faces are priceless. It really is a beautiful chaos.

Santiago is my husband, partner, best friend and the father of my children. He spoils me rotten and is my biggest supporter. We are always laughing, making jokes about each other (and our kids) and planning our next great adventure, which always gets ruined by a pregnancy. People think he is the nicest being in the entire world which is half true, but he’s also secretly mean and it’s probably my favorite quality of his. You can ask him for any favor in the entire world and he will never say no and he takes 45 min-1 hour showers daily. His favorite thing to do is go out to dinner and the movies, both of which have been halted by Covid. He is an excellent dad and his favorite time of day is when the three kids are asleep. He really is the love of my life and I’m so happy I’m living this life with him.

Santi is our first born. He will be four years old in January and seems to be a teenager in the making. He is hilarious. I mean most kids are funny but he is witty to the bone. He gets this from me. He is the most affectionate child on planet earth. He loves kisses and hugs and genuinely enjoys being sweet. He is a picky eater. The only thing he was never picky about was his formula. Other than that, it’s bribery or full on begging. He is an excellent big brother, and thank God for that because at this point he believes he gets a new sibling every year. He has never been jealous of the time I’ve had to give them and enjoys helping me with them whenever possible. He is curious and always asking questions, which I find to be both sooooo adorable and sooooo annoying. Every night before bed he requests water fifteen times and a kiss and hug after each. I love that kid so much it hurts.

Joaquin is #2 and learning quickly how to piss his parents off. He is a big, big boy. 98th percentile for weight, 95th percentile for hight and 100% cute. He has these crystal blue eyes that came out of nowhere and he is my obsession. Between months 6 and 16 of his life, I was his least favorite person in the entire world (probably because I was pregnant) and now that I’ve purged myself of this last pregnancy, we’re back to being BFF’s. He is so mischievous I can’t even begin to describe it. He still uses his pacifier so he’s silent as he does the things he does and it’s both hilarious and terrifying. He is extremely independent. He doesn’t need anyone to get something done and doesn’t mind solitude. He is one of those kids you absolutely need to hug and squeeze and give accolades to (wether he earned it or not) and my heart aches (in a good way) when I see him with his brothers. I am so proud of the love he has for his big and little brothers and can’t believe he was promoted at such a young age. He is mi Principe Azul today and always.

Antonio is our baby boy. He is, without a doubt, our biggest surprise and blessing. He really did come to complete our family and everything has since fallen into place. We named him in honor of my dad and I feel a connection with him so intense I can hardly believe it. He sleeps in my room next to my bed and his delicious baby smell makes me smile as I fall asleep. He’s a good sleeper but a horrible eater and it irritates me more than you know. He is a happy baby who loves to smile and thinks my Mexican accent is absolutely hilarious. His first time out of the house to any place other than the pediatrician was when he was almost four months old and he had the absolute best day of his entire life. He hates to be swaddled but I do it anyway and then hold him close and just kiss him all over. He made me a mom of boys, definitively and for that I’ll be forever thankful. He is my forever baby boy.

My parents are Mama and Papa, and while we moved out of their house the day before Father’s Day, I’ve seen them every single day since. They’re kick-ass parents and even better grandparents. They’re annoying, they’re amazing, they’re loud, they’re helpful–they’re what every parent and grandparent should be and we currently live 5 minutes away!! (Horray or no??) My dad still needs to be experienced to full understand his essence and my mom is still like my little sister but we make it work.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me. I can’t wait to see what year two brings!

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