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Holiday Gift Guide: Boys

The section of the toy store I basically live in. This is the section for boys. And since I’m a bonafide #boymom, I’m pretty sure this list is killer. The links in this post are in bold and will take you directly to a site where you can purchase each gift. 

  1. Big boy bike. This one comes with training wheels but they’ll come right off. I love that this bike is big enough for you child to grow so to.


  1. Lincoln logs. We are taking it back! My kids love to build and these are a timeless classic for a reason.


  1. Mini golf set for your toddler. I’m buying this for Chuchi (and hoping his brothers don’t use the putters as weapons).


  1. Hulk Pop-it. They have every superhero known to man, but unfortunately this is a Hulk household, so here we are.


  1. Stem magnet tiles. Joaquín can play with these for such a long time is amazing. They can use them to build away and if you have a light table, it illuminates the tiles!


  1. Mini bulldozer for the little kids. It throws balls and picks them up. Probably super annoying for you but super fun for them.


  1. Nintendo Switch. This is something by I’ve contemplated and decided to wait off for a little because the addiction can be real. But this is what all moms have told me is a must for you 7+ old!


  1. Trampoline! My sisters in law have gifted my kids this for Christmas and they’re going to die. I love it because it’s closed so I can shove them in there and let them burn off energy.


  1. Robot—but not just any robot, it’s an interactive programmable robot that your kids can spend time bossing around (instead of you!)


  1. Design and drill activity center! This is a great gift for fine motor skills and educational fun!


  1. Chutes and Ladders. I used to love this board game and it’s a game you can play as a family!


  1. Mini tool set for your little one. I can’t wait to see Chuchi fake drilling holes into my walls. Wish me luck.

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