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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

Maybe he’s tough to buy for, maybe he isn’t, but here’s hoping my list makes any scenario a little easier. I must credit @BaldforThought for helping me put this list together. Love you, baby xx


  1. Bar Cart
    • Why I love it? It doubles as a gift for your home! He gets something he can play around with and you get something that’s totally necessary.
  2. Lightweight Jacket
    • Why I love it? Because it’s necessary. This is an old-school Polo one and once we both saw it we loved it! I actually already purchased it for him. Love the color, look and fit.
  3. Lululemon Workout Hat
    • Why I love it? I have two hats on here but I have a bald husband, so we gotta protect his scalp. Anyway, Lululemon makes the best workout hats (and clothes, duh!) but it’s so breathable that it’s almost as if nothing is on.
  4. Airpods
    • Why I love it?Because having the basic ones that come with the phone are so passé.
  5. Cool Backpack
    • Why I love it? Briefcases are a thing of the past and let’s face it, so are guys who only have their keys and phone. So let’s give them something cool they can shove all their things into, shall we? Material is nice and lightweight.
  6. Watch
    • Why I love it? An elegant watch is always a nice touch. Not everyone is in the market for a top of the line Rolex, so this is a nice alternative. Not dirt cheap but definitely not overly expensive. Seiko has a plethora of styles to choose from too!
  7. Classic White T-Shirt
    • Why I love it? This is an absolute staple in everyone’s wardrobe (even Antonio has one!). This particular brand has a fantastic price point (under $15!!) and it’s a classic.
  8. Weber Grill
    • Why I love it? Cause now hubby can make dinner! It’s not the same to grill something than it is to sear it on the stovetop. It’s a nice house piece that doubles as a “gift for him” and you’ll use it year round (especially in Miami!)
  9. Professional Hair Clipper
    • Why I love it? Because my husband has to shave always and this is the fastest razor on the market. It came highly recommended by GQ as well 🙂
  10. Sunglasses
    • Why I love it? Warby Parker makes cool glasses (both for reading and sunglasses). Their price point is extremely fair. You’re getting a good pair of sunglasses without shelling out a price that’ll make you want to die if they break or get lost. Plus, a majority of their things are unisex so you can share 😉
  11. Poker Game Set
    • Why I love it? This is a cool gift because it looks good anywhere. The case is nice you can have it in your living room or tucked away in a closet. It comes with cards, chips and gives him a good excuse to either find a hobby or plan a guys night!
  12. Lululemon Workout Trainers
    • Why I love it? They’re good for working out, hanging out and looking cool. They’re not too thin, not too thick! They have lots of style options and color options for those of you looking online.
  13. “Cool Hat”
    • Why I love it? Apparently these are very in. Not into sports? Don’t worry–they make them plain! This is one way to dress down (or up) an outfit and make a cool fashion statement. 47Brand is all the rage. You’re welcome.
  14. Classic Tennis Shoes
    • Why I love it? A classic pair of shoes takes an outfit all the way. These are timeless, comfortable and can be worn to go do groceries or have fun at a cool dinner.

Santiago shops local too! He loves Tupelo Honey (and all of their Velvet tee’s, SMN Studio jeans and jean jackets!)

He also wanted me to mention his American Giant hoodie. He loves it.

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