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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hostess

There is undoubtedly people who you need to give a gift to but you’re not going to buy them a pair of jeans, right? Well this gift is for the Hostess in your life. Whether they saved your life during this Pandemic, you were part of the same Pod, or will be sending the holidays together–here’s a little something for that special someone in your life.

  1. Felasweets 
    • Why I love it? Presentation is everything, unless we are talking about sweets. Fela is the master of her craft making beautiful and delicious desserts for anyone. Don’t show up empty-handed–take a sweet treat from the master herself!
  2. Stoney Clover Anything
    • Why I love it? It’s personal, not available at every store and very practical. All sizes are amazing and you can customize to your hearts desire.
  3. Serving Tray
    • Why I love it? It’s pretty and a great size. It’s a gift that says “thanks for hosting me” and also “let’s do this again!”
  4. Stationery
    • Why I love it? I’m the queen of stationery. I own it all and personalized notepads are fantastic. This brand is truly fantastic and you can work with them to create anything you heart desires.
  5. Decorative Butterflies
    • Why I love it? These are such a cool and funky touch. You can place them literally anywhere (coffee table, dining room, nightstand, bathroom) and they come in a bunch of colors. I love, love, love them!
  6. Petite Photo Frame
    • Why I love it? First of all the heart shape kills me, but she has various other shapes if you’re not into that. I love the size of this particular one and it’s a cute way to say “I love you!”
  7. Small Flower Vase
    • Why I love it? The shape and size are perfect. It’s not a huge gift that makes them think “where am I going to put this when I don’t have flowers?” I love a good vase! (I have a florist for a best friend–don’t be jealous).
  8. Personalized Candle
    • Why I love it? Candles are delicious and a personalized one means no sharing 🙂 They designs are endless and the4 smells are so yummy! It’s not an average candle you buy at a store and get gift-wrapped–it’s personalized so the extra thought will go a long way.
  9. Bedazzled Mask
    • Why I love it? These masks are so comfy I can’t begin to tell you. The rubber thing on the ear piece makes it easy to adjust, the designs are so pretty (and versatile) and her bedazzled masks are to die. Masks aren’t going away any time soon so you may as well rock it.
  10. Comfy Slippers
    • Why I love it? Being barefoot is a big no-no. Don’t want to wear your shoes around the house? This is the perfect alternative. Plus, this material and color is everything. It’s RFT blue!
  11. Coffee Table Books, Coffee Table Books, Coffee Table Books!
    • Why I love it? A cool coffee table book can elevate any table. Find ones that go with the feel of your hostess’ home and esthetic.
  12. Monogramed Cheeseboard
    • Why I love it? Everyone loves cheese and a cute platter is always a good idea. Wrap this baby up in cellophane, add a cute ribbon and a piece of pine and voila–the perfect present.

These two didn’t make it onto the photo above but they’re gifts I would love and deserve a special mention.

Blanket or Throw: Here are two options–one that’s fairly priced and one that isn’t. They’re both delicious and both worth every penny (trust me)

Funky Champagne Flutes: I’m not a champagne girl myself, but these are adorable. Fairly priced and everyone will know whose is whose 🙂

Obviously if I want to shop small the only place id’ head over to is Country French in South Miami. They have everything and wrap it to perfection.

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