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Holiday Gift Guide: Her

You’re special too. Maybe you don’t always feel special but you are. So, add these beauties to your wish list (and let me know what you think!) The links in this post are in bold and will take you directly to a site where you can purchase each gift. 

  1. Flower subscription from House of Lilac. I love having my home filled with flowers, and if you do too this is the perfect gift. You can pick size bundles and have them ready as often as you’d like.


  1. Anything stitched from Upskale Threads. Her vibe is everything and while you can plan designer and pick what you want, the secret weapon here is Katie herself. Let her do the designing and wear the cutest shirts, sweaters, sweats and more.


  1. Zalo shoes have quickly become a favorite in my closet and her newly launched Zodiac line has me going crazy! I just bought my sign (Sagittarius in the house) and for the quality, you’re getting a bargain.


  1. Revlon hairbrush. I’ve said it 1,000 times—I can blowdry my hair in under 10 minutes with this bad boy. It’s amazing and doesn’t leave your hair flat. It’s perfect for someone with little time (like a mom with 500 kids) and the need to look polished (because it makes her feel better). Gia ahead, order it.


  1. Dyson Airwrap. Omg this is amazing. Insanely expensive but worth every penny. I’ve used it once and it’s life changing. I like it so much better than a regular curling iron and you can use it for multiple things.


  1. Black feather pajamas. You know my saga of the three Sleeper ones, but a favorite blogger of mine swears by these from Amazon. Since they’re black, take them out for a romantic dinner—no one will know and I promise to not say a word.


  1. The perfect Jean jacket from L’agence. I always buy mine at Tupelo Honey in South Miami (supporting small business here!!) and this model is called Janelle. It comes in a variety of colors (I currently have three) and it’s soft and delicious.


  1. Anything, literally anything from Patrick Ta. My makeup Guru Hazel turned me on to this brand and I’m obsessed. From their bronzer to eyebrow gel, blush to brushes, you can’t go wrong.


  1. Erika bracelets from Pretty Girl Charm. I just bought myself 3 of the 10mm ones and I don’t take them off. I’m obsessed and I can wear them anywhere. They won’t get tarnished because they’re gold filled and you can use code RFT15 for 15% off.


  1. Ana Mari Ortega is the queen of orchid jewelry. Her earrings are showstoppers and her new line has be going crazy. This subtle pink is right up my alley and it’s probably up yours too. Go to her website and browse until you get frustrated at how many items are in your cart. Don’t worry, she was nice enough to give my fans a code for shopping: RFT


  1. Intemporel NYC is a beautiful fine jewelry line based in NYC. Their charms have taken over my life (and credit card). They have an amazing price range and the girls are SO nice. Make someone gift you (or gift yourself) something spectacular from them this year.


  1. Personalized phone case. Arte en Dos Colores makes the funkiest and coolest phone cases on earth. Get yourself one with your favorite colors and favorite child’s name today.


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