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I Had A Baby and Gave My Dog Away (No, I’m Not a Monster)

When I was in 7th grade my dad came home with a case of Wine. A few bottles later, I convinced him to buy me a puppy. We went online, looked for a breeder (save your adopt a puppy judgments please) and called one in Arkansas. When we called, he said there were only two little girls left and he was splitting up the sisters.  

Coño” was all he said to the American man and then he bought them both.  

8 weeks later, Mika and Lola came home to Costa Brava. I loved these girls so much. Mika wasn’t as cute but had a hell of a personality. She was fierce and protective and ugh, just all around amazing. Lola was beautiful, but she was more like a cat than a dog. She hated human interaction and could spend hours licking different surfaces. She was weird but we made it work.  

Right before I got married Mika died and my dad forbade me from taking Lola from the house. She belonged there, not in my new place. So off I went to get married and three months later, I convinced Santiago to buy me a puppy. Her name was Mimosa and she was so freaking cute. This dog adored me. She was my daughter. Some people even joked that it was like I had actually given birth to her. We were that close, people!  

When I got pregnant, one of my concerns was how Mimosa was going to react. Dr. Molina (my OBGYN) told me to take one of the baby blankets home so Mimosa could smell it, and once he was home she could smell his feet and that’s it. Santi was born and off the blanket went for Mimosa to begin the bonding experience. Except she hated the blanket. She took one sniff and never went near it again. This was red flag number one.  

Baby came home and we sat on the couch for Mimosa to get acquainted. We unraveled the swaddle, took off his socks and let her smell his feet. Again, one sniff and she was off the couch and in her bed acting like a little….you know what. Red flag number two.  

But you guys, Santi got bigger. He started crawling and looking for her. And guess what? She hated my kid. Like I know she was there first, and I know I said I loved her like a daughter, but I didn’t actually give birth to her and at some point I had to choose my baby or my dog. And honestly, had I picked Mimosa over Santi, everyone would be calling me a bad mom.  

She would push him, sit on his toys and just generally not want to be around him. She was never aggressive but, as my dad would say, “coñooooooo”. She was so RUDE. Red flag number 3.  

I really tried. I swear I did. I included her in everything I did, even if it meant Santiago would be mad at me and she was being extra annoying..I had a commitment to keep my family together.

See? Here I am being a dog mom and a human mom…

My aunt, who lives in Surfside and has no children offered to take her one day. She took her for a weekend, and that weekend turned into a month. Anyways, she went to live with my aunt in Surfside. She is the queen of the castle and she spends her days on her lap, at the beach or in her office doing whatever she wants. She has no competition from other children and has even had a chance to eat scrambled eggs with truffle oil.  

When I go to my aunt’s house to visit, she pretends I’m a stranger and still hates my kid.  

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