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Last Minute Gift Guide

This is for the person who just thought “oh crap, I need a gift for fulanita de tal.” This gift guide is for you 🙂 It has a little bit of everything, something for everyone. I put a lot of time and effort into it so at least DM me saying it was cute and worth the read. K, thanks.

  1. Yummy Satin Pajamas–these are so delicious and so not pricey. Perfect for you or for a gift.
  2. Spa Waffle Robe–love it for when you’re home and want to cover up but don’t want to put on a sweater. This is great for that.
  3. Rose Gold Candle Sticks–I just really love anything pink, even if it’s Rose Gold.
  4. Men’s Bomber Jacket–For the guy who has everything…
  5. Fun Christmas Book for Kids–I find that literature is so important to have present with kids! This book is cute and fun.
  6. Pearl + Twine Goodies–This page is so cute. You can gift people Holiday inspired things like the nativity that’s linked, but you can also get pieces for their home. So adorable and super different.
  7. Electric Lighter–I love this as an alternative to matches! Everyone is getting candles galore this time of year–make lighting them less of a headache.
  8. Journal–This for me is so cute because you can put it on a coffee table or actually use it.
  9. Lumi Light iPhone Case–OMG, this is light is a saver for me. I’m always photo and instagram ready.
  10. Baby Doll–My kids aren’t into dolls (so sad, I know) but this one is adorable. You can pick from three different skin tones (I know but at least there are options!), hairstyles, outfits…and it’s plush! It’s adorable.
  11. Brush and Comb Set–In a perfect world, I’d have a bathroom that looks like it belongs in a magazine. Everything would always be in place and at the center of my countertop would be this beautiful brush and comb set. I haven’t purchased it for myself so feel free to buy it and send it my way.
  12. Charlotte Tillbury Lipstick Bundle–I love, love, love Charlotte Tillbury (so does @youbyhazel). This is a cute bundle where they can get smaller versions of her best stuff. A must have.
  13. Jo Malone Candle–Remember the $30 mini candle I got in the mail? Well, a fan found the normal sized on on Macy’s and it’s been burning in my home ever since.
  14. Coiled Rope Basket–I love a good basket. This one can be in the living room with your throws wrapped inside, in a guest bathroom with towels or even in a playroom or kids room filled with toys or stuffed animals. Adorable and price is perfect.
  15. Rabbit Wine Opener–2020=wine=wine opener.
  16. Mr and Mrs Clause–These are adorable. The best part about them is that you can reuse them every single year.


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