Hey, Remember Me? I’m Your Mother!

You know the saying “little boys love their mom”? Yeah well, that’s always the case in my relationship with my oldest son. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Santi loves me but he also spent a week in Ecuador and forgot who I was. When it’s just the two of us, we are like soulmates. He can’t get enough of me and I, of course, cannot get enough of him. He checks in with me frequently, gives me random hugs and kisses and always wants to help me. Sometimes, though, Santiago is around, and when that happens, I’m chopped liver. Now, am I offended? A little. I know that’s his dad but damn, I’m his mom. Remember? I gave birth to him! So, when Santiago mentioned he needed to go to Ecuador and asked if he could take Santi (guys, let’s give him a round of applause for asking for permission!! Very cute and not really necessary), my response was “Ugh, I mean if you think he’ll want to go”. (Spoiler: he did).

Did I want him to go? Yes and no. Yes, because I knew he would have the best time with his cousins and no because I didn’t want to be away from him. But I stayed in Miami with Joaquin and off my Santiago’s went to have fun in Guayaquil.

I called every single day, multiple times (obvi) and guess who barely had time to say hi? My son. Guys, I grew this child in my belly. I gave him nourishment and then gave birth to him. I have kissed him probably over 1 million times and he didn’t give me the time of day. He was too busy playing with his cousins. This was strike 1.

Strike 2 came when we did speak. I noticed he was speaking like a little Ecuadorian saying things like “mami, dormí en mi camita…me comí un huevito…quiero ir a la casita…” I come from a Cuban family. We don’t really talk like that. Quieres dormir? Vete pa la cama. Quieres comer? Come un huevo…Donde vives? En una casa. (To be fair, his accent was super cute.)

The day they came home is the day strike 3 occurred. They landed at 4:30 AM and I slept through my alarm and forgot to pick them up at the airport. I woke up with Massiel (my new nanny—story for another time) in my room telling me they were outside and she couldn’t turn the alarm off. I rushed downstairs and opened the doors. I threw myself on the floor and said “Santi!!!! Dame un abrazo bebe te amooo!!!!!!!!” and guess what????? HE WAS EMBARASSED.

He gave me a hug but he had his tongue out of his mouth, blushed and was looking in another direction. This little kid forgot who I was!  At this point, it’s 5:30 AM and I am flabbergasted. Completely and utterly flabbergasted. 

Anyway, Santiago stayed downstairs disinfecting the suitcase (yes, you read correctly) and I offered to take Santi upstairs for a bath and cuddle session. But guess who didn’t want to hang? Santi. He looked at me straight in the face–into my eyes, the eyes of his mother and said “Mami no…solo Papi” and walked away from me. And while my first instinct was to punch him in the face, I didn’t want to force him to hang with me because I couldn’t deal with a screaming toddler that early in the morning, no matter how much I missed him. Eventually, he remembered me as his super cool, super nice, super fun mom and we’re back to being the power couple we once were.

Even though I wasn’t able to enjoy this trip with him, I am so happy he went because he had the best time ever. And even though he forgot who I was for a second, I forgive him–because he’s so cute and he really is my soulmate.


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  1. María
    August 28, 2019 / 3:45 pm

    “Punch him in the face” lololol
    DONT U DARE!!!

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