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Recent Finds That I Love

Yes, I’m extra. I know–kind of annoying but it’s part of my DNA. What am I supposed to do? In any case, here are some of the recent finds I’ve purchased. I love them all so much and finally–a pop of color!

  1. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Blouse. I love this blue so much! It’s flowy and comfy and the color is beautiful! I got it on super sale at Jenna White in South Miami, but I found it online here.
  2. Ralph Lauren Jean Jacket. I call this a western jean jacket and if you’re in the fashion industry please don’t laugh–I don’t have a lot of reference but I adore this jacket so much. I got it 40% off on Black Friday–check the website maybe it’s meant to be for you too.
  3. Ulla Johnson Dress. This is what I wore for Thanksgiving and I have no photos to prove it (how sad!). Also purchased at Jenna White but you can see it on Ulla’s website here. If you love it, consider shopping small and supporting small businesses. Jenna can drop it off at your house for a try on and pick it up if it doesn’t work out.
  4. Everlane Jeans. These are straight-leg ankle jeans and under $80! They fit really well and have a good stretch to them. So far, I’m in love.
  5. Ulla Johnson Top. Another new obsession–Ulla’s stuff fits me really, really well. I actually bout this blouse in blue (like a dark navy) but I can’t find it online. Here’s a similar alternative.
  6. Lagence Black Satin Blouse. Ok, I know. It’s over the top and it’s just a black blouse, except it’s not. It’s worth every penny and absolutely delicious. You can dress it up or down (I’ve done both) and it’s currently my favorite new item. If you want to shop small (can you tell I like shopping small?) you can visit Tupelo Honey in South Miami or Aventura–they have them there. You can also just click on the link and purchase here 🙂
  7. James Organza Shirt. This was a fan favorite! It’s on sale and super cute. Perfect for Miami weather (I think) and easy to take from day to night.
  8. Black Cami. So you want a black blouse but don’t want to spend $400? This is the top for you. I got two on Amazon (in black and white.) Each one was $20 and I love them! I wear them under button downs, under jackets, alone–you name it. Honestly, I was hesitant because it was cheap but they’re actually great quality! Highly recommend.
  9. Everlane Jeans. These are a different style and color. These are comfy too! These are considered “curvy” and I wasn’t sure if it meant it was only for curvy people or if it made you look curvy but I fall into both categories.

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