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Santi Is Officially a Three-Nager

‏I cannot believe that 3 years ago today (well not today, because today is the 8th and he was born on the 12th but you get it) I became a mom. I also can’t believe how fast and slow time can pass. It feels like just yesterday my water broke, but it also feels like a lifetime ago that santi was so small, eager to sleep in my arms and not asking “why” 1,000 times a day. My birth story for Santi is similar in many ways to that of Joaquín, and different in many as well. Remember, he’s my first born so I had no idea what the hell was going on. 

Although my due date was January 19, 2017, my doctor scheduled an induction for Monday, January 16th. She said I was already dilating but she didn’t feel my birth canal was going to be large enough for a huge baby. I left the appointment in utter shock (it was Wednesday, January 11th) and went straight to my mom heaven—Petit Amie. At this point, I had nothing left to buy but I went with my mom anyways. After leaving with another pj set, I went home to prepare. 

Now, I know this part is hard to believe for some people, but I absolutely swear this happened. I woke up at 5:00 AM crying hysterically. I was 5 days away from becoming a mom and I thought I somehow made a mistake. Santiago always likes to say that he’s never seen tears so large before but I was beside myself, sobbing uncontrollably. He finally got me back to sleep and at 6:30 AM, my water broke. How weird is that? 

After Santiago and I verified that it was in fact my water and not urine, I took a shower, got dressed and waited for 15 min in the living room for Santiago to finish getting ready. He came out in two different outfit choices. He actually modeled them for me, and asked me seriously (to my face) what I thought was a better outfit for him to meet his son in. Contractions weren’t super bad at this point but I made it seem like I was about to die. He picked the outfit he had on and we left to drop off Mimosa at my parents (hey, remember Mimosa?!) 

Let’s rewind quickly here: Santi was born on my brothers birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANDRES). The day my water broke, I called my mom, dad and both brothers to tell them the news. No one answered. I called again no one answered. My aunt and cousins were on their way to LA for a wedding and I was able to shoot them a text before my mom called me back. Finally, people were taking me seriously at this point. 

It was around 7:30 AM when I arrived in the hospital and checked in. Straight to triage I went where I experienced (for the first time) what my mom and I refer to as the fisting. Extremely graphic I know, but that’s what it feels like. “Oh your water broke? Let me just double check that!” And up their entire arm goes (or at least that’s how it feels) to make sure you’re in labor. Spoiler alert: I was. 

In the IV went and off I was carted to a room to await the arrival of my perfect, little Santi. As the day went on, my visitors began to arrive and my nerves turned into excitement. Aunts, cousins, grandparents, parents, siblings…everyone was in my room, distracting me from giving birth. Really really, up until the moment I started pushing, I envisioned myself having a c-section. My mom only had c-sections, and as I’ve mentioned previously—soy poquita cosa. 6 weeks prior to giving birth, my sister in law had a baby girl without an epidural. The only thing she told me was to get one, no matter what my circumstance was. So, the moment I checked in I asked for one and by 4:30 I was already a bit uncomfortable. 

Santiago Roberto was named after his father (obviously) and my mom’s father Roberto. It was the name we picked and prior to his birth I had stationary made. I wasn’t going to change it.

Mami: Adriana, I was thinking since he’s going to be born on Andres’ birthday, you should name him Santiago Andres. 

Adriana: No, mom. That’s not going to happen. His name is Santiago Roberto. Plus I already have stationary..

Mami: What a stupid reason. 

(a few minutes pass by)

Mami: Santi, I was telling Adriana that it would be nice of her to name the baby Santiago Andres because of him being born on his birthday…

Santiago: No, no…It’s Santiago Roberto. I love his name I’m not changing it.

Mami: Yeah, yeah, because of the stationary got it. 

(a few minutes pass by)

Mami talking to my nurse: So it’s my son’s birthday and I was just telling my daughter..

Me: MAMI YA!!!!!!!!!!!

Around the same time, Dr. Molina came into my room and I was miserable. I asked her how much longer, she said I was almost there but he hadn’t fully dropped yet (the nerve of this kid). I was nauseous, uncomfortable and totally over it. I kindly but firmly told her I had one more hour in me before I would request a c-section. She laughed in my face and placed a peanut ball between my legs. 45 min later, I was ready to push. 

What????? I thought I was getting a c-section. What the literal hell? The moment when they tell you that it’s all about to go down is so surreal. It was the last moment Santiago and I were going to be just us and the doctor was already on her way. I was freaking out. 

In the 10 min it took for her to come over, my room was transformed into a delivery room and the nurse who had been with me all day wouldn’t shut up with instructions for pushing. Necessary, yes? Could I focus, no? 

Dr. Molina arrived and I pushed Santi out in exactly 32 min. Halfway through, I stopped and told her I was too tired to continue and that I thought a c-section might be a better option for me. She lowered her mask, told me to stop being a poquita cosa and to push as hard as I could because I only had 15 min left. Exactly 17 minutes later, Santiago and I became parents. 

Santiago Roberto Ortega was born on Thursday, January 12th at 6:16 PM. He weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 18.5 inches long. 

Since that day, that moment, my life has never been the same. My purpose in life is different, my way of reacting is (slightly) different. I live for the benefit of my children and I could not be prouder of the amazing boy I’m raising. He is sweet, caring, hilarious and thoughtful. He is extremely curious and mischievous and I am obsessed with him. 

Thank you for making me a mom and for teaching me the value of patience and true love. TE AMO BEBE. Happiest of birthdays today and always. 



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