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The Seven Year Itch (Ay, No Me Pica Nada!)

So I posted about this to my instagram, but I’m reposting it here in case you can’t get enough of my words of wisdom. Just kidding! I’m adding to what I was saying previously because my relationship is basically my biggest prized possession. I take such pride in my marriage, my union to Santiago. For me, I really did marry my person, so making sure I keep him happy and in love is a top priority. These are some things I’ve learned but I’m sure there are still lessons that will be taught over time.

I was lucky enough to marry my best friend (awwwww) and the promises you made me that day during our vows have been ones you have upheld. I am so proud to be your wife, confidant and soulmate. 

I am so proud of the beautiful family we have created. I know life isn’t perfect—we aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other. We work hard to make each other feel loved and special every day and it’s the only type of work I will commit to for the rest of my life. 

So what lessons have i learned?  

  1. Marry your best friend. marry the person who makes you laugh, that makes you think, that makes you want to be better but thinks you’re perfect anyway. 
  2. Listen. Listen to their wants, needs and aspirations. not everyone is good at voicing these things, so listening to conversations + comments will give you the tools to be their partner in crime. 
  3. Have fun. Marriage is work—you need to nurture your relationship and having fun brings laughter. You will have moments where things are monotonous and dull. You will fall into a slump because of work, kids or a global pandemic (hopefully this is the last one!), but having fun is easy! Make a joke, laugh at theirs! Enjoy the small things. 
  4. Remember that you guys are a unit, a team. If you’re not yet parents, don’t want kids or have a bunch, having each others backs is essential. You always have to be in each other’s corner and things will flow. Life won’t always be perfect but it’s a lot easier to go through life with someone by your side. 
  5. Respect 
  6. Prioritize the important things because nothing prepares you for marriage and for parenthood. The things that were once of importance to you may no longer hold the same weight, so make sure you know what your priorities are and hopefully your priorities are the same. 
  7. Gestures–little or big. Doing something that will mean something to the other person. Maybe it’s a simple text message, or a kiss goodbye every morning before work. Know what gestures mean the most to your person, because if it means something to them, it’s important. 

Wow! I really love my spouse. Hmmm, I wonder if he loves me the same amount? LOL just kidding—of course he does! One day Santiago and I were able to escape our three gorillas to go for a long walk. On that walk we talked about our life and our relationship and the way it’s changed over time. We’ve been married for seven years now, but he’s been in my life since I was 15 years old and we’ve been together for almost 14 years. I’ve literally known Santiago for longer than I have not known him. Isn’t that crazy?

It’s so powerful to know that I have someone in my life that not only do I love and loves me back, but that made a mutual agreement with me to start a family together. We have three kids who now walk this earth and are going to be important. I’m not saying that my kids are going to do something extraordinary like visit the moon or Mars, create a new technology that might help save millions of lives, but they will make an impact. Someone is going to love them, they will be excellent parents hopefully, and they will be good humans. We did that! Our love has done this–it’s mind boggling.

To me, it’s crazy to see how we’ve gone from friends, to boyfriend//girlfriend, to newlyweds, to full-blown parents. We look back at our time in college and I can’t believe the life we have created. We really do cherish it so much. We’ve completely grown up together and we can still laugh like 15 year olds at the things we say. We have the best time together and are so proud of our family. He’s my person and I’m so lucky to have him.

 Dear Puffin, 

Thank you for loving me and for making me feel like a million bucks every day. Even when you’re mad at me, even when I’m being bad, you always love me. You always put me and the kids first and there’s no greater feeling than knowing I have a partner for life. Your laughs (the fake one and real one) make me laugh too. I love it when you cry because something is so funny, and when you pretend to be kidding when you suggest a plan and I shoot it down. I love the patience you have with our kids, and the hilarious way you’ll talk about them when they’re not around. I appreciate not feeling alone as a parent and I appreciate you always supporting anything I want to do. I can’t wait to see where we are in the next 7 years. I have do doubt you’re going to accomplish amazing things and I’m proud to be by your side as you do it. Everyone kept telling us about the seven year itch but guess what? No me pica nada!

Te amo con todo mi corazón,


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