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The Very First RFT Trunk Show

A long, long time ago–it seems like a lifetime ago, I received a phone call from my brother. His best friends wife wanted to do a pop up and he wanted me to offer my house. My first thought was WTF? and my second thought was “sure, why not?”

I immediately called Lina and Sarah from Pretty Girl Charm and together we came up with what was known as the very first RFT Trunk Show. Somehow, I opened up my doors for a few friends, a few fans and three vendors. The rest, well you know–it’s history!

Meet the vendors:

It was intimate and perfect.

Pixie Lane (Samantha Cummings) was the first to approach me. She sells kids clothing through the brand Pixie Lane and everyone loved their everyday look!

Pretty Girl Charm, whom I consider my closest friends were right at the entrance of the party! They helped plan every single detail and brought so many gold pretties! It was a huge hit for them.

Palmina came as an invited guest by PGC! I love love loved her vibe, her things and we instantly clicked. Her jewelry and accessories are super accessible and beautiful. Since then, she’s either participated or supported every single trunk show I’ve done and I’m forever grateful.


Let’s Bloom BROUGHT IT with a hydrangea bouquet wall that was to die. Ever since then, she’s my go to for anything floral and I wouldn’t change our collaborations for anything. No one works harder, makes prettier things and just gets my vision more than Ana.

Casa Viera’s beautiful tags, sage and Palo Santo were the perfect gift for my fans. Whomever came, got to take home a little goodie box with some of her things. I loved it!

Food and Drinks:

Salt and Sugar made my signature chicken sandwiches and it was the best thing that happened to me that day–they’re that good!

Sift and Whip made cupcakes (that were to die) and these gigantic brownies that flew out of my kitchen and into people’s bellies.

Le Cake Poppery made custom cookies and I’ve said it multiple times–no one makes cookies like this girl. Run and order!

Charcuterie Queen made me the cutest cones filled with my favorites and I ate 12. Don’t judge me.

And of course, Bellini’s were the drink of choice and everyone enjoyed them.


My my how the Trunk Shows have changed!!



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