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This Is Where We Sleep + Play

Our home was decorated by the amazing Celia Domenech of LID by Celia Domenech. She not only decorated with furniture, but was with us since day one to pick paint colors, doors, hardware, baseboard height, you name it. The process was easy and fun–I can’t imagine having done it any other way! 

Ok, so lets continue with my home tour. You guys probably recognize it a lot from my stories because I really do take you into my actual life–not a fake instagram life that you can’t really relate to. But actually, one of the things I hear every time someone comes into my home is that it looks so different in person. Obviously I find it gorgeous. Duh–I hired the perfect person to decorate my home and it’s totally my taste. My architect happens to be Santiago’s cousin. Once we were moved in and totally settled, we invited him over. His jaw dropped and the only thing he said was “wow you have great taste I’m impressed!” A compliment for sure, but he was surprised! Um, exsqueeze me but do I give off the vibe of being tacky? It was all in good fun, but alas, people are still surprised to see that it’s even more gorgeous in person. Since I can’t take you on a tour of my home, this will have to do.

Santi and Joaquin’s Bedroom:

When we started the renovation process we were just a family of 4, so the room the big boys currently live in was only supposed to be Santi’s and the nursery was for Joaquin. Antonio decided he was going to be born so we quickly changed the layout and this brothers room was born. Initially their beds were going to be a light grey and their dresser was going to be a navy blue. Once we learned that the grey beds from Pottery Barn would take too long to deliver (and Santiago was on a mission to move out of my parents house), we went with white beds. I preferred the look of white beds with a honey colored dresser and that’s how the room ended up staying. What do you think?

Beds: Pottery Barn Catalina Bed

Dresser: Pottery Barn Charlie Extra Wide Kids Dresser

Table Lamps: Hackney Table Lamp in Polished Nickel

Artwork: Watercolor Vintage Vehicle Art 

Riding Toy: Roadster Scoot (Blue no longer available)

Antonio’s Nursery:

I went back and forth a lot on this room. I knew I didn’t want the classic baby blue because I had already done it. I knew that I didn’t want a colorless nursery because, while I find them beautiful, I feel that color is important for children. With Antonio I’ve always felt a very strong connection to the color yellow. I’ve never dressed my kids in yellow (unless they’re leaving the hospital as per Cuban tradition!!), but with him I was very drawn to the color. Celia and I started by picking a wallpaper. I knew I wanted to wallpaper one wall. I didn’t know how to explain exactly what I wanted the room to feel like but she showed me this paper and I immediately fell in love. We were going to pain the crib in a baby yellow and use the same gingham yellow fabric for the curtains as for the sides of the crib, but surprise surprise, Santiago put his foot down. All in all, I think it looks amazing. The room itself isn’t that big and it feels super cozy with the colors it has. Still to this day it’s missing something over his crib to cover the electrical sockets (I know, I know. Please don’t DM me….I KNOW!!) But we set the room up for when they’re older so we can add a TV–that’s solid parenting, thinking ahead. The dresser we picked comes in multiple sizes, but if you have the space, I strongly suggest getting the wide dresser as opposed to the regular size. It has so much storage space and when you have a small baby, it’s so much easier to open a drawer to get pj’s, extra diapers, or anything else you may need in a second than walking across the room to the closet. I know I sound lazy but trust me, it’s like magic. 

Crib: Marcelle Upholstered Crib in Heirloom Dove Grey

Nightstand: Marcelle Nightstand in Heirloom Dove Grey

Armoire: Marcelle Tall Bookcase in Heirloom Dove Grey

Dresser: Marcelle Wide Dresser & Topper Set In Heirloom Dove Grey

Rocking Chair: Classic Slope Arm Slipcovered Swivel Glider (I definitely don’t recommend this size, it’s huge! I bought it when I was pregnant with Santi and his old room was HUGE. Here it takes up so much space, but it didn’t make sense to buy another one). 

Artwork: Long Neck Friend Framed

Wallpaper: Arthouse, Little Bears (I cannot find it online anywhere and it seems it’s been discontinued.) 

Master Bedroom:

Initially this room was going to be light grey and blue. Can you believe it? But I was in Celia’s office one day looking at fabrics and we fell in love with the fabric for my curtains. And from there, the room changed completely. We went from cold tones to warm tones in one afternoon. My room really went through extensive changes because the wall where my TV was used to be a huge sliding door. Our architect changed it so that it mirrored the room across the pool (the playroom) and now we have a space to watch tv, have a dresser and also small views to our backyard–it’s perfect. We created a closet for Santiago on his side of the room, which made our bedroom space a bit smaller, but allowed me to have my own walk in closet which was a must for me. All in all, this room is my favorite space in the house. It’s cozy, warm and mine. 

Bed: Maison Fabric Panel Bed in Antiqued Grey Oak

Nightstands: Conrad Double Nightstand

Table Lamps: Visual Comfort Fluted Spire Large Table Lamp

Dresser: Louis XVI Dresser in Aged Oak

Curtains: Kerry Joyce Crosshatch Sienna Rose

Bench: info coming soon!

Bench Fabric: Schumacher Velvet Fawn



The room that houses all of the toys but is rarely used for playing. Can other parents relate?

Storage Bins: Mercantile Stacking Bins in Buff White

Table: Rigby Round Play Table in Buff White

Poufs: Mini Knit Cotton Round Pouf in Dove

Felted Wool Wall Animal: Lion, Giraffe, Elephant 

Bookcase: Callum Bookcase in Weathered White

Ruler: Growth Chart

Artwork: Giraffe, Animalphabet


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