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Three Kids & A Pandemic

What could possibly be wrong, am I right? 

Well, I started my quarantine on March 13, 2020. My quarantine, for those who are curious is a bit of a mixed bag. I started off this pandemic living in my parents house with two children and a baby on the way. 

My father felt the walls closing in on him approximately 3 hours after Miami was “shut down” and spent 20 of the 24 hours he  was awake hunting for supplies and finding any excuse to talk to people. He’s one of the ones who felt like he was under house arrest and act like he won the lottery every time he’d overpay for toilet paper. While it was annoying he wouldn’t stay put, he’s also the reason we always had Lysol and food, so I let it slide. 

My mom thrived on being home. Lay in bed all day? CHECK! Binge watch her  favorite shows? TWIST MY ARM. Let’s order a pizza cause we’re nervous? I ORDERED IT TEN MINUTES AGO. Plus, my grandma is old and we gotta keep her safe, so it was a really long stretch of keeping to herself. 

I was going through my own adjustment. Some days I was ok, some days I’d cry uncontrollably. It shifted from appreciating the time home with my kids to not being able to control any aspect of my life. I couldn’t send my kid to school or let them play with anyone. I couldn’t stop eating because I was anxious but also a month from giving birth. I was bombarded daily, actually, hourly with news about “the covid” as my mom puts it. My house, which I desperately needed, was on hold too. I told myself “everything happens for a reason but WHY must it happen to me???” (Insert crying emoji here) 

Santiago was in and out of work but going into his isolated office which was working at a smaller capacity. He was being careful and for two weeks before Antonio was born, he was home 24/7. 

My brother Bebo drove down from NYC (you know, when it was the epicenter) and quarantined in an isolated room for exactly 14 days and then never left the house again. 

Now, here is where it gets tricky. My parents live in a house with help. Remember us? We loveeeeeee help. We love it, we need it, we appreciate it. Especially me, who at the time weighed roughly 487lbs and was about to pop out the last of her litter. So, the help was in, the help was out. Uber for her, bus for her. You name it. Yes they left in gloves masks, other clothes etc, but they were still out and in, in and out. 

On top of that, I had two lovely helpers of my own. My girls, the stars of my life, Zoe and Sandra, didn’t leave anywhere. Actually, Zoe asked if she could move in on March 16th for a few weeks until this all died down and she hasn’t left since. 

So, blah blah blah it’s been 4 1/2 months and my kids have only seen immediate family and have gone to exactly four places: my parents house, our new house, my in-laws house, and my brother in laws house. 

They’re officially over everyone’s house. 

But guess what guys? We are almost at the 5 month mark and I’m running out of things to do. Swimming happens every day, as does a fun tutoring class for Santi. We have sensory bins from Red Violet Studio, we have fun sensory boxes from Young, Wild and Friedman… We have baking, Disney plus, a playground, driving around…But. I’m running out of ideas, patience and a will to continue on this never-ending journey. It’s exhausting!!!!!!!!!!

We don’t really have liberty, and the walls are starting to creep in on my Santi. The other day he innocently asked my mom if he could go to the park when the virus was over. It was heartbreaking. Joaquin is adjusting beautifully to the new house and he is really into the fact that I’m around 150% of the time and always at his beck and call (you know, cause I want him to like me).  Antonio,  obviously, only likes to be in someones arms so that makes for a fun dynamic.

Being at home with all of my kids is not how I expected to live a greater part of 2020, but here we are. I’m making it work as best I can and hope it’s enough to keep all both happy and healthy.

Here’s to better times!

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