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Valentine’s Gift Guide

I love Valentine’s Day. The pinkness, flowers, chocolates–really, any excuse to get a gift and buy a cake. It’s such a romantic day. Fun fact: I got engaged on Valentine’s Day!!!


I’ve put together a small list of things to spice up the month of February. From trinkets for you, to things for him and cute little nothings for the house, I’ve got you covered!


  1. Sleeper Slip Dress: I adore this! It’s cute and sexy. You don’t have to necessarily be in an uncomfortable bra all night long and I feel like you could get away with throwing a jean jacket over it and going out to dinner.
  2. Cookie Cutters: These are adorable. You can make cookies for yourself, your significant other or your kids. Hell, they can even help you! These are inexpensive and a cute way to bring the holiday into your home.
  3. Heart Shaped Earrings: Ok, I bought these for myself during her Black Friday Sale and I use them constantly. They’re adorable! They are small, lightweight and has a mix of rose gold and silver.
  4. Heart Dish Towel: I love having a dish towel for every season. I hang one in the kitchen and it keeps it festive. Sue me.
  5. Heart Shaped Stud Earrings: Another instant favorite. I love the multicolored stones. You can obviously use them year round and they’re so cute (Nicole and I agree on this).
  6. Pink Glassware: Yes, this is over the top. Yes, it’s necessary. Ok not really, but you know my obsession with pink. If I had enough storage space in my house, I’d have an entire set of these for the off chance I threw a Valentine’s Day party or needed something cute and pink for Easter.
  7. Heart Plates: I love these! You have a cake or a cute little appetizer you want to serve? Serve it on this! Yes it’s very Valentine’s-y but alsoooo it’s romantic so use it on your anniversary or on each others birthdays. Get creative, guys!
  8. Heart Shaped Dish: I don’t make pie or crumble, but you could pretty much bake anything in here. You could bake a pie (I wouldn’t eat it), but any type of casserole, potatoes au gratin, LASAGNA! I mean sky’s the limit and now I’m hungry. Anyway, it’s cute.
  9. Caprilina Girl Outfit: This little set is I C O N I C. If I had a daughter (which I don’t), I’d put her in this outfit. I’m obsessed. Use the code REDFORTHOUGHT10 for 10% off 🙂
  10. Besties T-Shirts: Not in a relationship? PERFECT–this shirt is for you! I mean, truthfully, Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day are basically the same thing–celebrating love.
  11. Mini Heart Dish: I love this. Put it on your nightstand to hold your rings at night. Put it at the entrance of your house to hold your keys. Put it in your living room with HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE KISSES. You do you, boo.
  12. Eberjey Men’s Pajamas: I love this! You can even get it monogrammed with his initials (or yours so he knows who is boss).
  13. Stoney Clover Travel Pouch: I have one of these pouches in my car with extra masks, chapstick, hair ties, you name it! The size is perfect and it’s see through so you can see what’s in there.
  14. Wine/Champagne Chiller: You guys, it’s pink. I can’t! This is a good gift for you but also for your alcoholic friend. I’m sorry, “alcoholic.”
  15. Pink Wine Glasses: I was gifted these as a housewarming gift and I adore them. They come in sets of 4 and I love to use them when drinking with my friends (or alone don’t judge me). Makes me feel a little more festive.

I have some honorable mentions! They didn’t make the photo because I didn’t know they existed when I created it–sorry!

  1. Pearls and Twine Wooden Heart: I got these for Santi and Joaquin’s teachers! I love the messages you can choose from, I love the price and I love supporting a small (female-owned) business! All of her things are beautiful.
  2. Alexa Leigh Heart Ball Bracelet: I have this and I stack it with other gold ball bracelets. The heart is subtle and cute.
  3. Melao Delicacies Cakes: She’s literally bringing some over today and I’m so excited! She’s also doing some holiday boxes for your special someone or yourself. Santi and Joaquin’s teachers are also getting a little surprise 🙂
  4. Fela Sweets Cake: Decadent chocolate cake on the inside, delicious fresh strawberry frosting on the outside. Y U M.



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