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Witching Hour At Its Finest

Look, kids cry. I know that. It’s one of the only ways they can communicate and it’s only fair that we are there to support them. I am many things: I don’t have a lot of patience, but I have a lot of love. I might not be the best mom, I’m the best mom for my kids. I know I am absolutely the best wife on the planet so let’s not even go there. I really do find myself to be understanding of most scenarios, but I do not understand why my son, Antonio Jose, must have a witching hour at 9:00 PM.

When did it become acceptable for children to completely take over your life? Like I knew it was coming. I have been preparing for this since 2017 when I learned what a witching hour was the hard way (long story short: Santi wouldn’t stop crying when I was alone with him). What is a witching hour? It’s basically an hour of your child’s day in which they are completely, 100000% annoying and inconsolable. 

Santi’s was at 5:00 PM, Joaquín’s was at 7:00 PM. Right now, I feel as though Antonio’s is all day long. (Don’t worry, it’s not)

Besides the fact that it’s not fair, it doesn’t make sense. You think he’d be pissed off because he’s hungry, or because his brothers are making a lot of noise. Maybe he’s pissed off because all the lights of the house are on and he’s tired, or maybe it’s because he wants to take a shower. But nope. At 9:00 PM, Santi and Joaquín’s are fast asleep, I’m in my room with the lights turned off, typically on my phone ignoring my family while I’m on Instagram, and Santiago is watching TV on the lowest volume level ever, reading subtitles that he forgets to take off every single day. (That’s a whole other rant for another day). I would assume, then, that Antonio would take this time to either go to sleep, eat or simply shut up. He always decides to take this time to cry for an hour. 

I’ve said it many times, I’m married to a man that helps, but that doesn’t mean he helps in silence. Since I’m the one getting up to breastfeed gremlin twice a night, he’s dealing with him at this time, so that I can get some early shut eye in order to be presentable for him at 2:00 AM. And while I love my husband and I know he’s a good father, I also know he’s annoying as hell. 

(Antonio sobbing)

S: This kid doesn’t sleep. I think something is wrong with him I swear. 

A: Santiago I’m trying to sleep. 

S: Antonio please your mom is going to kill you. 

A: Why don’t you do this in another room so I don’t have to hear it? 

S: Oh so you’re blaming this on me? Antonio look what you did. 

A: Just give me the kid, Santiago. 

S: No don’t worry I got it. It’s fine. Antonio please shut up. Try to not be annoying. I know it’s hard but try because if not we have to give you away. 


(Antonio stops crying) 

S: I think he’s allergic to me. He only cries in my arms and the second you get him he shuts up. 

A: He’s been crying for an hour, Santiago his witching hour is done. 

S: That doesn’t exist. 

I’m telling you, his cry is so high pitched it might brake glass. He absolutely loves to yell so much he turns purple (super fun for an anxiety ridden mom like myself). Sometimes it’s so much we think he’s finally stopped, but he’s deprived himself of air and he’s on the verge of another mental breakdown. In Spanish, we refer to this as privandose. Mouth open, crying but no noise–it’s super cute and super fun. 

In my memory, which should be fresh because I’ve had about 17 kids in 2 years, this witching hour doesn’t last forever. I mean, kids are typically always complaining about something, but the inconsolable cry gets better. We are at the three month mark (horray!!) and I feel it getting a little bit better. I remembered that baby massages help (check my instastories for best baby massages) and that he is in fact, allergic to his father.

Hey, you win some, you loose some. Maybe this baby will be the one who is obsessed with me. Time will tell.

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