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YAY! Back To School! or “YAY!” Back To School?

Let me start off by saying that this has been the longest five months of my entire life. This is coming from someone who thoroughly enjoys instant gratification (I mean really, who doesn’t?) and who has been pregnant three times in 4 years. Throughout all my pregnancies, waiting “patiently” for trips, parties, cake opportunities, etc… these past five months have been the longest and hardest.

Why? Because I’ve done it at home, with no way out, and with children. My kids, but still–UGH. I remember I pulled Santi out of school on March 12th. It was a Thursday and I told his teachers, “we’ll be back after spring break.” I thought 3 weeks off from school would be enough to get this virus under control. Not only was I super duper wrong, I’m also super duper desperate for my kids to go back to school. Santi asks about school and his friends every single day. He wakes up, pees and ask me if the virus is still around.

S: Ya se fue el virus???

A: Todavia no, papi… (as my heart breaks–I don’t even look at him in the eyes)

S: Que se vaya el virus! No me gusta.

There is a variation of this convo but you get the gist. It sucks. Anyway, today is the first day of school and in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been discussing the possibility of them returning to school. This conversation starts internally where I ask myself questions and I answer them too. Then I ask my pediatrician, then I ask my old pediatrician, then I discuss with Santiago. When all of this is over, I cry and start over. Parenting is sooooo fun.

I feel like no decision is the right decision. If I don’t send them, I feel like their social-emotional growth will be halted and I feel like they desperately need interaction. Remember last week when I caught Santi climbing the walls? Yeah, I don’t like when they do that. Because my house is new and not really kid friendly…even though I have three kids. If I do send them, and they get sick…I’ll feel like it’s my fault. Maybe they won’t get the virus, and maybe they do and it won’t be bad. But could you imagine if they were that small percentage of children who do get it bad. How could I ever look at myself in the mirror again knowing I made a decision that got them ill? I would feel so so guilty and then I’d find a way to blame Santiago. Our marriage would suffer. See the conundrum?

Then there is the outside party factor. I make a decision to send them to school–great. Then I have to tell my parents because I’m essentially going to be exposing them (because they visit us every single day, remember?). But then my mom takes care of her mom. My grandma is old. So I’m kind of exposing her by association. My mom will either have to wear a mask to see me or wear a mask to see her. I could go on and on about the ways in which my one decision can potentially affect everyone around me. Also, I hate making decisions.

But, I have to make one. So what did I decide? I decided that I trust my kids school. I think they’ll be safe and I know they’ll be happy. They’re enrolled. School starts Monday, August 24th but they’ll be starting in about 3-4 weeks. I feel more comfortable seeing how school goes, seeing if kids start getting sick and how it’s handled. Once I feel 100% comfortable, they’re going. I need it, they need it. I think we’ll all be happier.

I’ve already purchased their essentials and I’m sooooooo excited. I can’t believe this chapter is finally closing and they get to go back to school and I get to have a small piece of sanity again.

Here’s what I bought to get my kids ready for the school year:

  • Shorts: Cat & Jack These are great, long lasting and cheap.
  • Shoes: APL’s for Santi and New Balances for Joaquin. They don’t make APL’s in Joaquin’s size yet.
  • Lunchbox: This year we got from Parkland. I like this brand because they have a bunch of different styles. Also, I feel like it’s not a super popular brand in their school so no one else will have their lunchbox which is a plus for me.
  • Water Bottle: I got them a Yeti this year. It’s heavy but it maintains their water very cold which they like very much.
  • Labels: I’ve used them before and I love them, but everything had the name Santiago Ortega on it… I got this years tags at Printswell and I got the labels with only Ortega on them so I can use for both boys.
  • Naptime: I got everything from Pottery Barn Kids and I love it! Their toddler pillowcases have construction vehicles all over. Their blanket is so cute and yummy. It’s sweater knit material and I’m sure it will keep them warm. Bonus, it’s currently on sale 🙂

So it’s been decided. They’re going to school. I’m ready, they’re ready. What are Y O U planning on doing?


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